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In Mahtomedi, the quest for perfect water is real. The good news is that this Minnesota city’s water could be so much better. With Mahtomedi’s blend of city vibes and natural splendor, the city’s water should match its lifestyle—fresh, clean, and invigorating. Whether you’re near the lake or nestled downtown, expect nothing less than crystal-clear water. So, Mahtomedi, it’s time to elevate your water experience.

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Experience Pure Bliss with Freedom Plumbing and Water Conditioning

In Mahtomedi, Freedom Plumbing and Water Conditioning stands out with its comprehensive suite of services tailored for every home. From battling hard water to ensuring your family enjoys the purest drinking water, our services cover all bases.

  • Water Softening: Hard water is a common issue in Mahtomedi, leading to limescale buildup and damaged appliances. Freedom Plumbing installs advanced water softeners, ensuring your water is gentle on everything it touches.
  • Iron & Sulfur Removal: Tired of water that stains or smells? Our systems remove iron and sulfur, leaving your water clean and odor-free.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: For the purest drinking water, Freedom Plumbing sets up reverse osmosis systems that filter out contaminants, giving you bottled-quality water straight from your tap.
  • UV Water Purification: To safeguard against bacteria and viruses, our UV purification technology offers an added layer of protection, ensuring your water is safe to drink.
  • Whole House Filtration: Addressing a range of contaminants, whole house filtration systems ensure every drop of water in your home is clean, from the kitchen faucet to the shower.
  • Water Testing: Not sure what’s in your water? Freedom Plumbing’s comprehensive water testing identifies issues, tailoring solutions to Mahtomedi’s specific needs.

Our Services

Freedom Plumbing And Water Conditioning is proud to offer professional plumbing services to homeowners and businesses in town. Our team of highly trained and experienced plumbers is equipped to handle a wide range of plumbing issues, from small repairs to large installations.

Water Heaters

We offer comprehensive water heater services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

Plumbing Fixtures

We specialize in installing, repairing, and replacing plumbing fixtures to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Sump Pumps

We offer sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance services to help safeguard your property against water intrusion.

Toilet Installs

We take care of every aspect of the toilet installation process, from removing your old toilet to connecting the new one.

Your Local Plumbing Experts

In Mahtomedi, a revolution in water quality is just a call away. Our five-star water conditioning services not only tackle the tough stuff like hard water but also promise a world where every drop from your tap is a taste of purity.

Spot These 6 Signs? Time for Water Conditioning in Mahtomedi

In Mahtomedi, pristine water can transform your home. Recognizing these indicators can lead to a timely decision to invest in water conditioning, transforming your household’s water into the soft, pure, and efficient resource it should be.

1. Stubborn Stains

If your sinks, toilets, and showers host stubborn stains that no amount of scrubbing can defeat, it’s a sign. Hard water leaves behind these marks. A water conditioner tackles the root cause, saying goodbye to those pesky stains.

2. Faded Laundry 

Notice your vibrant clothes turning dull? Hard water is the culprit. It’s harsh on fabrics, stripping away brightness and softness. Water conditioning in Mahtomedi can preserve your wardrobe’s color and texture, making fabrics last longer and feel softer.

3. Scale Buildup

Are appliances and pipes clogging up? That’s scale, a hard, crusty deposit that forms in pipes and on appliances due to hard water. It reduces efficiency and shortens appliance lifespans. Water conditioning removes these minerals, safeguarding your home’s plumbing and appliances.

4. Dry Skin and Hair

If showers leave your skin itchy and your hair lifeless, blame hard water. It strips moisture, leaving skin dry and hair dull. A water conditioner softens the water, bringing back your skin’s moisture and your hair’s shine.

5. High Soap Use

Hard water doesn’t lather well, leading to overuse of soap and detergents. This not only wastes products but also leaves residue on dishes and laundry. Water conditioning in Mahtomedi means you’ll use less soap for a better clean, saving money and reducing residue.

6. Strange Tasting Water

If your water tastes off, it’s more than just unpleasant; it’s a sign of impurities. Whether it’s a metallic taste from iron or a sulfurous smell, water conditioning systems can filter out these elements, ensuring your water tastes pure and refreshing.

Tap Into Perfection with Freedom Plumbing and Water Conditioning

Educating our customers is a part of our core. We believe in empowering Mahtomedi homeowners with knowledge, making every decision an informed one. Understanding what’s in your water and how we can enhance it is a journey we take together.

Ready to dive into a future of crystal-clear water? Let Freedom Plumbing and Water Conditioning Company lead the way. Elevate your Mahtomedi home’s water quality today and experience the difference firsthand.

Reviews and Testimonials

We had bad water, now it’s great! The water filtration system installed works extremely well. We would like to thank Matt with Freedom Plumbing for his excellent customer service and for taking the time to meet with us to discuss the project from installation options to maintenance and costs. We were very confident choosing Freedom Plumbing.

Steve and Savannah Runstrom

Matt at Freedom Plumbing has helped our family (and extended family) over the last decade as a trusted partner for our plumbing needs, including new toilets, faucets, water heaters, water softeners and much more. Freedom Plumbing is focused on top notch service and professional results. We highly recommend them!

Michael and Rachel Strand

Proudly Serving Our Local Communities

At Freedom Plumbing and Water Conditioning, we provide full-service plumbing and water conditioning across the Twin Cities Metro and Western Wisconsin.
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